Owned and operated by ASTA, TravelSense.org is a consumer-oriented travel web site dedicated to helping people live out their dreams of traveling.

 It’s also an integral tool for members of the ASTA Small Business Network . On TravelSense.org, travelers are immediately able to find an ASTA Verified Travel Advisor—a graduate of the ASTA VTA certification program—who is able to connect them with the adventurous experience they’ve been dreaming of. “TravelSense.org provides an excellent opportunity to register your skills, destination experience and work history for the consumer to locate a local Travel Advisor,” said Dan Smith, owner of Travel by Dan. “Investing in ASTA with TravelSense. org is one of the primary benefits of membership.”

By completing the TravelSense.org online registration, ASTA SBN members gain affordable visibility, validating their membership with ASTA. Unlike any other organization, ASTA’s TravelSense.org enables members to reach out to a widespread community and market without large financial investment—something Smith notes has immensely benefited his business. “Registering with TravelSense.org  has generated nearly $100,000 in revenue that would not have happened without TravelSense.org.”It’s important to have a potential client recognize the value of using professional association  recommendations, Smith adds. “This reassures the client they can trust that their travel needs will be met and are in excellent hands.”