China’s Guizhou Province is less known in comparison to other locations in the country, yet offers myriad cultural experiences and beautiful natural scenery. With karst landscape and spectacular views of gorges, waterfalls, canyons, underground rivers and terraced fields in mountain areas, Guizhou is one of China’s most stunning destinations.

Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province and the 2017 ASTA China Summit destination, is an excellent home base. With the region’s subtropical monsoon climate offering cool summers and warm winters, Guiyang is best known as “the summer resort of China.”

Ethnic Experiences

Of China’s 56 nationalities, 55 are ethnic group minorities—and 49 may be found in Guizhou. Groups such as the Miao, Dong, Buyi and Gelao people have been living on the land for centuries, and visitors have unique opportunities to discover the rich and distinctive folk customs and cultures of each group.

The Guizhou Province hosts over 1,000 festivals annually, and local villages offer experiences daily. Dong villages feature Dong-style drum towers and wind-rain bridges, and Buyi Stone Village invites visitors to explore how structures were made without any other construction materials.

“It is a paradise for travelers to experience their traditional festivals, big variety of costumes, silver ornaments, textiles and architecture, and offers the firsthand opportunity to touch their daily life in the peaceful countryside,” said Isabella Hou, President of ASTA China Chapter and CEO of Beyond Summits Ltd.

Ancient Towns

Many military garrisons were built during the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644) as fortresses. Soldiers farmed and cultivated the land with their families, in addition to fighting enemies and keeping peace. Today, travelers could visit these “living ancient towns” to marvel at ancient architecture, explore cultural relics and enjoy street snacks—such as Chang Wang Noodle, toasted Lian’ai Tofu Guo, tosted Tofu and Si Wa Wa, a spring roll with different vegetables.

Qingyan Ancient Town, among Guizhou’s most famous historical and cultural towns, is a fantastic destination for visitors to learn about Chinese ancient culture.

Karst Landscapes

Located on the eastern slope of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, Guizhou features waterfalls, gorges, virgin forests home to rare species of plants and animals, and underground caves. Danxia Landform—red bedrock characterized by steep cliffs—is listed as a UNESCO World Cultural & Natural Heritage site. Huangguoshu Waterfall is one of the largest in China and offers a serene spot for travelers to enjoy a mighty wonder. Zhijin Cave is perfect for cave tours.

“It’s like a cave museum exhibiting bizarre stalactite, rare curbstone, and a variety of rocks and stones,” Hou said.

Additional Itineraries

Special tours are available to suit all interests. Visitors could explore embroidery and batik textiles, minority festivals, photography, Southwest Chinese cuisine and more. Photographers could marvel at the natural and cultural scenery, and hikers and nature enthusiasts could enjoy the region’s beautiful parks.


Guiyang serves as the main traffic hub of Guizhou, with connections to all major cities in China via railways, highways and domestic flights. International flights are also available. Internally, public transportation covers all urban areas in Guiyang, and highways link the city to all other districts, cities and counties in the province.

ASTA China Summit

The ASTA China Summit is a four-day event that will connect you with the best Chinese suppliers, tourism officials and their counterparts. The summit is a destination immersion taking you to the city of Guiyang. In addition to receiving exclusive regional sales training and access to a unique trade show, you will be treated to lunches, dinners and cultural entertainment! Plus, you will come home as a Certified Guizhou Province Specialist, ready to sell this amazing place to your current clients and expand your business base. ASTA and SBN formerly(NACTA) members receive $50 off the registration price. Please use your member discount code to activate the discount. Visit for more information!

“ASTA China Summit will contribute to boosting tourism between the United States and China. The Summit will provide one productive platform for United States travel advisors to connect directly to China’s top travel agencies, and provide both sides with more cost-effective and practical China travel products, bringing more travelers for each other.” —Isabella Hou, President of ASTA China Chapter and CEO of Beyond Summits Ltd.

Written by Cassie Westrate.