Patricia Ryall
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Lake Oswego, OR 97035
Travel for people of faith is a much richer and deeper experience than regular travel. Belief deepens, fellowship is enriched, and the traveler is blessed in countless ways. As a person mature in her own Faith, and involved in church leadership, teaching, preaching, and doing mission work, I bring a unique perspective to a faith community. I have assisted five congregations in planning Pastoral Sabbaticals that benefit both Pastor and Congregation. I have organized and escorted religious tour groups to Israel, Turkey, Germany and Alaska, and have arranged Faith based travel for individuals to Ireland, Scotland, Italy, and sacred places in our own country.
My heart remains in Haiti
* We are called to love
* We are blessed to serve
* We are all brothers and sisters
"rejoiced with us when we received Grant"
"Because she believes so deeply in the benefit of a sabbatical, she helped build enthusiasm and vision for our church... I give thanks for the grace-filled ministry Patti provided..."
"Organized, thoughtful and fun..
"I highly recommend Patti...great job organizing our congregational tours to Israel and Turkey, now working on Alaska Cruise for us..Instrumental in securing Lilly grant for Sabbatical for our church!
* Pilgrimages and Holy Land Programs
* Individual Travelers to Large Groups
* Faith Based Itineraries and Guides
Egypt and the Holy Lands
* The Old Testament sites -- Mt. Nebo, the Exodus
* The New Testament sites-- Jordan, Jerusalem, Galilee
* Peacekeeping missions to Palestine/Israel
"really understood what I was trying to accomplish
"I could not have planned my sabbatical in Scotland & Ireland without Patti's help. She made my dollars stretch and added to my vision with her own commitment and expertise!"
Germany and Switzerland
* Routes of the Reformation
* Bach, Beethoven, Mozart
* World War II remembrances
Greece, Turkey and Rome
* Footsteps of St. Paul
* 7 churches of the Revelation of St. John
* The book of the Acts of the Apostles and the Letters
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* Independent affiliate of Nexion Travel Agency
* Nexion is a fully licensed, bonded & accredited agency
* A wholly owned branch of Tzell Travel Group.
Princess Academy Commodore
* Expert on world-wide itineraries
* Knowledgeable about fleet
* Up-to-date on latest deployment
Proud Member of:
State of Oregon License 352586-98
10 years experience in travel industry, 35 years in public education