Crystal Seaton
Road To Relaxation Travel LLC
10616 Friendly Neighbor Lane
Raleigh, NC 27614
Hi! I'm Crystal and my job is simply to help you have the most amazing vacation ever! I have been a travel planner for many years and have worked with lots of families and couples to plan all types of trips. I specialize in all things Disney, cruises, Hawaii, Caribbean, and adventure travel. How can I help you today?
Certified Travel Associate
* Recognized designation for Professional Travel Agents
* Training provided on all elements of travel
* Travel with confidence by using a CTA
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* Customized and affordable vacations
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Wonderful Disney Trip
Crystal was so helpful in planning another wonderful Disney trip for us. She was so accessible to answer questions and offer advice when I needed it.
Hawai'i Destination Specialist
* Expert on Hawai'i Destinations
* Completion of In-depth Training Program
* Latest info on Accommodations, Dining and Activities
Royal Caribbean Expert
* Ambassador to the Nation of Why Not
* Expert in planning WOW cruise vacations
* Trained on onboard & onshore adventures
Princess Academy Commodore
* Expert on world-wide itineraries
* Knowledgeable about fleet
* Up-to-date on latest deployment
Holland River Cruise
Crystal worked very hard over Christmas to get our Viking trip to Holland booked. We are so excited and can't wait to go.
Christmas Cruise
Thanks Crystal for taking care of our fabulous cruise!! Had a great time and you were such a help!!
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* Celebrating 36+ years in business
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