Darlean G. McClure, CEO, ACC, MCC & DS
"O Happy Day" Tours & Travel Agency
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559 827-9013 Mobile
2647 E. Feemster Avenue
Visalia, CA 93292
I am a CLIA master accredited travel consultant and compassionate traveler who specializes in groups, religious travel, romance and honeymoon travel and lifestyle challenges. I use my life experiences and continued educational experiences and training to help my clients bring the body, mind, and spirit into a place of stability through travel.
CLIA Luxury Cruise Specialist
* Has earned a CLIA (ACC) or higher designation
* Completed rigorous training in luxury cruises product
* Recognized expert in luxury cruise and leisure travel
Recommending Globus
* 225 guided vacations to more than 70 countries
* VIP Access - skip the lines and get special treatment
* Expert tour guides make every destination fascinating
* Brand immersion on Starwood's Nine Brands
* Extensive knowledge of Starwood's Destinations
* Access to the Best Offers and Programs
Recommending Club Med Vacations
* The original all inclusive resorts
* The ultimate Family vacation choice for all ages
* Worldwide exceptional locations including ski resorts
Special Needs Group
* Expert in making travel accessible
* Wheelchairs, scooters, oxygen & more
* Rentals delivered cruises, hotels, etc.
Alaska Specialist
* AWE I Certification
* AWE II Certification
* Cruise & Denali Park
Proud Member of:
Affiliated with American Travel Bureau (ATB)