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Spring 2016

It’s with delight that we bring you this issue of Agent Life magazine, which highlights NACTA’s success over the past30 years.

Some of the major accomplishments have been strengthening and growing the Chapter system, doubling attendance at our annual conference whileexpanding the duration, forming a Regional Director Member team, and firming up the criteria for agent membership.

It’s full steam ahead for NACTA, as we are the only major association dedicated to representing the interests of the independent consultant. Members rely on NACTA
to ensure their voices are heard and interests known. The industry relies on NACTA to provide education and training opportunities to help improve sales performance, professionalism and travel knowledge of the independent consultant.

The NACTA chapters have been strengthened by the formalized application process and introduction of the chapter director agreement, which outlines the Chapter Director guidelines and expectations. This is necessary so we have active and engaging chapters that draw you to local meetings and events. With the expansion of the
Chapter system we’ve grown to 52, giving you even more choices of venues and peers
to network with. The NACTA Conference has doubled in size and duration over the past two years, primarily due to the destinations we’ve secured and because not only is it rich in content, but NACTA members have a great time together while learning!

The leadership team of Regional Directors provides guidance to NACTA headquarters along with assistance and mentorship to the Chapter Directors, to help them host interesting chapter meetings and events that benefit the local NACTA community. Over the years, stricter membership criteria have ensured a professional organization—one that is vibrant and growing.

We hope you enjoy this special edition of Agent Life, celebrating our 30 years in travel. Thank you to our members, host agency partners, suppliers, and convention and visitors bureaus. Without your support, we would not be here today and flourishing. The formal celebration of our anniversary will take place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at our annual conference, November 3 – 9, 2016, on land and sea.


Ann Chamberlin

President, NACTA