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Statement of Liabilty and NACTA Membership Agreement

This NACTA membership is valid for one year from the date processed. Additional marketing opportunities and membership level are payable separately. The National Association of Career Travel Agents neither guarantees nor insures that the service provided any officer, employee or member and shall assume no responsibility of liability for actions or events beyond its control in connection with services provided. Further Host Agency members agree to hold NACTA harmless for any act, error, omission, injury, loss, accident, nonperformance, financial failure, or any other irregularity or consequences resulting from, which may be caused from the neglect, default, or any other action of association, company, carrier, independents contractor or person engaged in the service of NACTA. The annual membership dues will be billed automatically unless notified otherwise 30 days prior to expiration. Membership dues are non-refundable. Under Sections 6113 and 6710 of the Internal Revenue Code, we are required to inform you that contributions or gifts to NACTA are not deductive as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposed. However, your dues payment may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense.


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