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If you have a question that is not listed below, please email us at: nacta@nacta.com

I am interested in becoming a home based travel professional. Where do I begin?
We recommend you to join one of NACTA’s approved host agencies to take advantage of their programs for training new agents. Once you have established yourself as a travel professional, become a member of NACTA to access additional educational opportunities, supplier connections and network among NACTA members. For more information about joining a host agency CLICK HERE.

What is NACTA?
The National Association of Career Travel Agents (NACTA), was established in 1986 as the original association with a mission to represent the interests of the individual travel consultant, and now has expanded to all professional sellers of travel. NACTA host travel agencies and suppliers support this growing distribution channel.

NACTA represents the interest of the independent travel consultant and the greater travel consultant community. The association’s role is to focus on the development of the travel consultant through its educational programs designed for our valued members. In addition, offering many member benefits such as health care insurance, discounts on office supplies and more through our affiliate program. Our overall objective is to enhance and secure the success of the professional travel consultant.

The National Association of Career Travel Agents (NACTA) is the foremost Travel Industry Association dedicated to providing the finest education, training, networking and representation in support of Career Travel Consultants.

Our Suppliers and Host Agency partners find NACTA members to have a professional reputation and are highly regarded as the best professional sellers of travel of this sector. We provide an exceptional forum not only for members to network with each other but also for members to build relationships with NACTA’s strategic supplier partners.

NACTA is a wholly owned affiliate of ASTA, the American Society of Travel Agents. ASTA and NACTA, while separate associations, work to protect and enhance the entire retail distribution channel.

You belong with NACTA if you are looking for a premium association that represents the best travel professionals. When you decide to join, simply complete the on-line application or contact your local NACTA Chapter Director.

Where is NACTA?
NACTA team offices are located throughout the U.S. (Florida, Michigan, Washington and Maryland). The NACTA headquarters is located at 675 N. Washington Street, Suite 490 Alexandria, Virginia 22314. Please contact us with questions concerning NACTA Membership as well as any other questions you may have. For more contact information please email: NACTA@NACTA.com

Can I join NACTA if I do not have a booking number to sell travel?
No. To become a member of NACTA you must be a Travel Agent/Professional that is actively selling travel and possess a valid booking number (travel sellers number). NACTA is a community of professional travel consultants who are already established within the travel industry. To join our association you must provide a valid travel industry identification card/number to prove you are actively selling travel.

If my Host Agency is a NACTA member, am I automatically a NACTA member too?
No. NACTA memberships are for the individual travel consultant. You will want to use your own agency name on your registration if it is different than your host agency's name.

Do you offer a dual discount if there is more than one agent joining from my agency?
No. NACTA’s membership dues are already a low price of $165 (that’s less than $14/month) for the first year and the “Valued Member Renewal Rate*” is only $125.
* The Valued Member Renewal rate is available for members who renew their membership within 30 days of the member’s expiration date.

What is NAD?
NAD stands for NACTA Agent Digest. This is a service included with NACTA membership which allows you to correspond with other agents who are looking for ideas or feedback to grow their business. Information on the digest is available on the member’s only website. This is a terrific benefit as you have access to tap into the expertise of 1600+ travel professionals!

How can I be placed on the NACTA.com “Find a Travel Professional” listing?
You must be an active member of NACTA and complete the NACTA Branding Tool: One Sheet. You can access your One Sheet on the member’s only website. For assistance with your one sheet please email: Lorene Romero, NACTA N.W. Regional Director, at nactaonesheet@gmail.com or contact NACTA directly at NACTA@NACTA.com.

My host agency (or consortia) provides me with education and networking. How will NACTA membership benefit me?
In addition to the education and networking that your host or consortia provides, NACTA has a number of additional resources for you to meet other travel agents, such as the Destinationals, meetings and events. These meetings and events put you in touch with suppliers and give you the opportunity to meet other agents face to face. In addition, as a NACTA member, you will have access to our NACTA agent digest which is an email communication forum that allows you the chance to submit questions and solicit feedback on any travel related issue to our entire membership base. NACTA offers a featured speaker series where you can learn valuable tips on business management, sales, marketing and social media. . You will also obtain education on successful sales and marketing skills from NACTA personnel at our Seminars at Sea, regional seminars and NACTA annual conference.

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