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We all know THAT Person at work—the one whose personality doesn’t really click with yours. Or anyone else’s, for that matter, which makes spending an entire work day, a portion of the day, or even the 20-minute morning brief with them … difficult. Instead of suffering through another long day, here are six tips to help you survive working with THAT Person, to ensure you have a good day.

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A conversation with Tia Froehle

The travel industry is in Tia Froehle’s blood. Tia followed in the footsteps of her mother—a longtime travel agent who retired from the airline industry. “She gave me my first travel job as a greeter for Sun Country Airlines. From there, I was hooked.”

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Members asked for it. You got it!

A new benefit to NACTA members is a series of videos, rolling out throughout the year. Once available, these videos may be viewed on demand.

At the NACTA 2016 Conference, during the business development workshop series, Lisa Watson, NACTA Director of Marketing and Communications, presented on branding and graphic design for independent travel consultants.

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Snakes on a plane may not always be an accident, but there are better ways to transport the creatures than spilling from overhead bins.

Whether your clients are traveling by air, land or sea, they might not want to leave the comfort of home without their furry, feathery or scaly companions. According to a survey by the American Pet Products Association, 37 percent of pet owners take their animals on the road.

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