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It’s time to do a Facebook Profile Check-Up. You may wonder why you should concentrate on your Facebook profile, rather than your business page.

You may also wonder why, if you have a business page, you would consider using your personal profile for your travel business. Read on to learn why your Facebook profile is important for your business.

Remember: Do not use your personal page to sell travel to your friends. It’s against Facebook rules.

Many of us first become connected with Facebook friends through our personal page—before those friends become clients. Letting them know you’re in the travel business and keeping them informed on what’s happening in travel and your travel life keeps you at the forefront when they begin making travel plans. Furthermore, your Facebook business page reach (the amount of people seeing your posts on that page) has dropped dramatically. Only ten percent of your “likes” see your posts, without your paying to advertise them.

Let’s use the Facebook personal profile to its full advantage.

Frequently change your cover photo.
Let your personal page reflect recent travel. Changing your cover image notifies friends you’ve made a change and lets them see where you’ve been exploring—a great discussion starter.

Use your About section.
Make sure there’s a link to your Facebook business page in the about section. Fill in the section as completely as possible, including:

  • Where you work
  • Education
  • How to contact you by phone
  • How to contact you by e-mail
  • Your other social networks
  • Your website

Note: Decide if you want Friends or the Public—anyone visiting your Facebook page—to see this information.

Post great images telling the story of where you’ve been and what you’ve seen.
Include a few images that you aren’t in, so your friends could imagine themselves in the photo.

Allow Followers to see your public posts.

  • Go to Settings and click on Followers.
  • Click on the drop-down menu to the right of Who Can Follow Me.
  • Remember to switch back to Who Sees Your Photos to Friends when you’re posting a family image.

Celebrate moments in your business, using language that reflects your personal page.
Keep in mind you’re not selling, but sharing your story and your passion for your travel business.

Tell the story of what you love about your business.

Link at least once a day from your business page to your personal page.

  • By linking, you create the connection between your personal and business sides.
  • Share a press mention about your business back to your personal page.

Once a month, share from your webpage or “about us” from your website/blog.

  • Occasionally paste a part of the story with the image from your webpage or blog to your personal page, to allow readers to get an understanding of who you are in the real world.
  • Don’t forget to include the link to your Facebook page on your website or blog.

Using your Facebook profile to build your business is easy, saves you money, and allows you to connect to many more “friendly” people.

Until next time, I will see you on Facebook.

Written by Denise Vogel, The “How-To” Social Media Educator, Click of the Mouse.