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Want to use the hottest app on the Internet to connect with potential clients? Want your images to have fantastic WOW factor?

Snap a photo or create a video on your iPhone or Android, add a fun filter, and share it on Instagram and your other social sites.

Why add Instagram to your already busy day? If you use Facebook to reach current and potential clients, adding an easy-to-use social app that’s always handy via smartphone makes connecting easier and more interesting—and fun, too! Via Instagram, integrating real-time images into a Facebook Business or personal page is a snap.

Step 1. Download the Instagram app to your smartphone or tablet.

Step 2. Create your profile.

  • Use your Twitter handle (if you have one) for your profile name; otherwise use a simple, easy-to-remember name.
  • Create an easy profile that has a link to your website or a social site, such as Facebook.
  • Have fun with your profile! Use an emoji or two to make your description stand out.

Save time. Have fun!

Take photos from your smartphone camera and geotag them. This saves the location, so you’ll know where you took the photo. Save the photos to your phone, or take photos directly through Instagram. I like to use my iPhone camera, so I can take my time when I want to post the image with captions on Instagram. And I can decide later which app I’ll use to post my image on Instagram—different apps do different things. If you use the geotagging feature while away from home, post your photo when you return. (No need to let anyone know you’re away.)

Once you’ve taken a photo, it’s time to have fun creating your masterpieces—and they may only take a few moments to create. Open Instagram, then hit the big blue button in the center of the screen to snap a photo, or click on the square at left to access the camera roll on your device. (You could even create a fifteen-second video, via the icon at right.)

After you select a photo, you’ll see hot air balloons at the bottom of the screen. These are photo filters. Click on them to see which best enhances your image. When through, click Next.

Now, you could add a caption to your photo and a few hashtags to the image. The hashtag categorizes your image and tell Instagram what to file it under. For example, with the following photo I wrote: Enjoying Jupiter Inlet park. Testing out a new app that creates sketches. #Jupiter #Florida

The caption categorizes where my photo is found and shares my web address. The web address isn’t a direct link, but a person could copy and paste it into their browser.

You’ll love using Instagram. It’s easy, you almost always have your cellphone with you, and you can take real-life photos in a snap to share across your social platforms. Stay tuned for more to come!

Written by Denise Vogel, The “How-To” Social Media Educator, Click of the Mouse.