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Lisa Watson, NACTA Director of Marketing and Special Events, advises members on making the most of NACTA’s newest benefit.

How do travel consultants become part of the directory?
To be listed in the directory, travel consultants must be current NACTA members—if their membership has lapsed, their listing will be removed from the directory. They must have created their NACTA One Sheet in the Member’s Only website.

They can log into and go to MY NACTA and select EDIT MY NACTA ONE SHEET. (A reminder to members: The One Sheet is separate from your NACTA profile/account information.) It is essential to have the entire sheet completed—no empty boxes are allowed; use this opportunity to build your credibility. Make sure to activate the sheet by selecting the “Yes” button if you want to be listed on the public website. Please select “Yes” only after your One Sheet is complete.

What is a NACTA One Sheet?
NACTA’s One Sheet is an exclusive branding tool, which helps travel consultants sell themselves and make their agency different from the rest. The One Sheet is a great way to give your potential and even returning clients a look into who you are, showcasing your qualifications and specialties. In addition to the directory, you can link your One Sheet as a PDF on your website, or attach it in a proposal. You can even use it as a flier to hand out to your clients, or even travel suppliers.

How could members make the most of their One Sheet?
Make your One Sheet customized and personal. Include all company contact information and your company logo. Choose from various background colors, designs, images, and graphics to customize the look and make your One Sheet stand out. Feature a photo of yourself that makes a professional impression and include a brief, but personal story about your passion for the travel industry and how you became involved in it. The goal is to draw your client in with your story. Make clients feel as though they’re talking to an old friend, and make it clear why they should do business with you.

Certifications, associations, groups, and specialist programs are the building blocks of your resume and they are a great way to boost your credibility with your prospective clients. The One Sheet has many boxes that are preset to qualifications most travel professionals have. But if you have a unique certification or specialization or something else that sets you apart from others, there is the option to design and create your own custom box. At the bottom of the One Sheet, you can build further trustworthiness by associating yourself with NACTA and with any other associations or groups you may belong to.

What could NACTA members do to help promote the new site?
Encourage clients to visit! This will help those who are wavering on using a travel consultant versus the Internet. Show your creditability: Tell your clients that you are listed on the directory as a NACTA professional travel consultant.

Written by Jennifer Reynolds, staff writer for Agent Life magazine.