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NACTA Membership Services Coordinator

Don McGahee, a NACTA member since 2007, began his role as NACTA Membership Services Coordinator in 2011.

His primary duties include working with NACTA membership and recruiting new agent members; he also handles the operational side of the NACTA Familiarization Events program. Plantation, Florida-based Don is a successful independent travel consultant who has been involved in the travel industry for more than forty-five years, formerly with Eastern Airlines and Amadeus. He was awarded NACTA’s Volunteer of the Year award in 2011 and NACTA’s Team Member of the Year award in 2013.

What are the major benefits of NACTA’s members-only website?
It’s the landing spot for a host of resources. Members can find out about programs, FAMs, conventions, and webinars. They can access their membership packets, access a variety of marketing tools, and update their profiles. The benefit directory and Agent Life magazine are also available through the website, in addition to a variety of research tools.

What do you see as the top benefit of NACTA membership, and how could members access it?
NACTA’s One Sheet—that’s critical. It keeps you in the Find a Professional search engine on NACTA’s website. You must be an active member of NACTA to complete the One Sheet NACTA Branding Tool. The One Sheet template includes a brief career bio, contact information, a photo, special certifications, and membership in professional organizations. You can access your One Sheet on the members-only website, under the MY NACTA tab.

Do any website benefits seem underutilized? What would you like members to know about them?
Voyager Destination Guides are a really useful benefit. They can be customized with your logo, and contain information pertaining to history, culture, and travel tips, as well as digital links to videos and recent articles published about the destination.

The digital archives on the website are another underutilized resource. Past webinars are available, and so are past discussions from the NACTA community forum. While you can always post a new question on the forum, the ability to look at previous questions and responses is a great resource.

The One Sheet, again, is another resource members should make the most of. It’s a one-page marketing tool. I use it all of the time!

What should members know about the member loyalty renewal rate?
NACTA membership is $145, but if members renew during their membership period, the rate is reduced to $95. Renew on time, and you save $50. That’s our gift back to you!

Written by Jennifer Reynolds, staff writer for Agent Life magazine.