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The media and public tend to have the misconception that travel agents no longer exist—or aren’t vital for travel.

SBN has created FindATravelConsultant.com, which educates the public on the value and benefits of the modern-age travel agent—the “travel consultant.” Travel consultants are not order takers; they are educated professionals who strive to provide the best travel experiences for their clients. They not only sell travel, they consult, suggest, and advise without bias. The FindATravelConsultant.com website will educate consumers on the value of using a SBN travel consultant and assist consumers in finding a professional travel consultant, directing new clients to SBN members.

SBN’s goal is to promote the importance of travel consultants to traveling consumers, and provide a directory of reputable travel consultants who will assist with their individual travel needs. The Internet has a wealth of travel information, and travelers often believe they can get the best price by making their own arrangements—but pictures could be misleading, and the client may not recognize the best options. Travel consultants have in-depth knowledge gained from educational trips and firsthand experiences, as well as access to a network of other SBN consultants with whom they could gain additional insights about the best options to specific locations and unique travel suppliers. Who do you think has the best interest in mind for travelers and vacationers: The internet, with images that may have been edited, seeking only to sell a specific product with one-sided information, or a travel professional, who dedicates her services to providing once-in-a-lifetime vacations, offering choices and recommendations based on education and supplier connections?

Simply put, travel consultants provide confidence for the traveler, understanding their needs and advising them on different options so they could have the vacation experience they deserve. This is the message that will be provided on FindATravelConsultant.com.

SBN’s exclusive consumer website, FindATravelConsultant.com will host a SBN members’ One Sheet (the exclusive SBN branding tool) directory, to help consumers be easily directed to SBN members’ specializations and expertise. The One Sheet will provide the consumer a snapshot of each consultant’s professional credentials and certifications. Potential clients will learn about the new website through a marketing campaign on various social media platforms. Plus, SBN will utilize online advertising, which will have a broad audience, targeting consumers who have an interest in travel.

SBN is proud to promote its professional travel consultant members. Some may ask, “Why the term ‘Travel Consultant’ and not ‘Travel Agent’?” SBN recognizes it’s a new age of travel. The travel agent “seller of travel” has evolved into the “consultant of travel.” SBN recently surveyed a variety of travel professionals and found that the community of travel agents prefers to be referred to as travel consultants. FindATravelConsultant.com is SBN’s largest initiative to direct consumers to professional consultants of travel. SBN continues to be dedicated to creating travel consultant awareness.