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Social media graphic tools.

Great graphics draw the attention of your Facebook audience far more quickly than a text update.

The problem: We just don’t have the time to sit down and create graphics that require a large time commitment or learning curve. These applications will have you creating fantastic images that you’ll be proud to share with your clients—and will give your images the WOW! factor we all need to be noticed on busy newsfeeds or Facebook.

Here are a few solutions to the problem and that won’t take over your waking hours.

PicMonkey: This is great for creating Facebook cover images and pictures with quotations for Facebook pages, or for adding a watermark to an image you want to share on Pinterest. It’s a free tool with enough features to create works of art without having a large learning curve or large cost. 

Canva: Looking for an application that comes with images and it is easy to use? Check out Canva. The application comes with lots of free images for use and is enough to get you started. Many other images will cost $1 each—which, in my opinion, is far less expensive than purchasing through iStock or iPhoto. You could also upload your own images and combine them with graphics that come with the program. The application creates images that match the dimensions necessary for a particular application—creating a Facebook cover image, a Pinterest image, blog images, posters, or even Twitter headers.

Quozio: This is an easy tool to use to turn your quotations into items to share on Pinterest, your website, or Facebook.

Not feeling creative in the quotation department? Check out Check out Goodreads and BrainyQuote

Smilebox: Creating photo albums, collages, postcards, invitations, and slideshows are a few options. Add music to go along with your presentation and make it even more impressive. The program is easy to use, but I caution you to pay the $39 annual price for the program; if you don’t, the custom photo album that you may want to share with your clients could come with an advertisement for another travel agency—right under your work. Through Smilebox you could post your work to Facebook, e-mail it to a client, or save it to your computer to share for a presentation.

I hope these tools get you going in creating quick, easy, fun, dynamic images. Drop me a line on Facebook and let me know how you’re doing. Until next time, see you on Facebook.

Written by Denise Vogel, The "How-To" Social Media Educator, Click of the Mouse.