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Facebook is consistently updating: Are you keeping up?

A Facebook Business Page is a great way to market your travel business and affordably reach new clients. These easy tips will help ensure your business gets more exposure on Facebook.

Update your cover image monthly. This is a great way to keep your business page fresh, and to convey a special message or offer. Once you update, edit the post on your timeline to add a specific message. For consistent branding, keep your company logo as your business profile image.

Make sure your “About” section is current and completed. This is critical area needs your attention. A partial business profile could give the impression that you’re not detailed-orientated or a professional travel consultant—and you could miss out on getting that potential client. Take time to review this section and update your contact information, so potential clients can connect with you.

The “Call to Action” button. Beneath your cover photo is a large blue button, to help get your audience’s attention. If you haven’t updated that button, take a moment to do so. Help people be directed to your website, to learn more about your business. Don’t have a website? SBN offers special reduced rates for travel-inspiring websites (see more on the SBN benefit pages on SBN.com). Facebook provides many options on where to direct your audience. You could direct them to your contact information or even access an app that provides different services for businesses.

Boost your posts. Overall, Facebook controls who sees your posts. To increase that reach—like everything else in marketing—you’ll have to pay for exposure. Consider this: You have a free Facebook Business Page, right? People can still find your business on Facebook at no cost to you, so why not pay a small amount for more exposure for your business? What ‘s great about Facebook boosts is that you control how much you want to spend and who you want to see your posts. Of course, the more you spend, the more people you’ll reach.

Review your insights. This powerful resource offers a wealth of information for your understanding the activity of your business Facebook page. The insights page gives you a visual breakdown of your page’s likes, reach, visits, posts and people. It tells you what time of day you get the most views and likes, and tells you where your audience is from and their gender. This information is valuable for marketing purposes and for understanding how you’re reaching people. Watch for a future SBN webinar on how to understand your Facebook insights page and use that information for your advantage.

Stay on top of the changes. Facebook is continuously making updates and changes to the format of business pages, without notice. This page represents you and your business, so make sure you use these tips to help improve your business exposure on Facebook.

Written by Lisa Watson, SBN Director of Marketing and Communications.