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More and more, people are using social media to learn and play—and to stay connected with family, with friends, with activities and interests, with businesses, with
clients. Are you using social media? Are you staying connected with SBN? Your favorite social media platforms have a SBN presence, offering you additional
opportunities to build your business, education and relationships.


SBN recently launched the SBN: The National Association of Career Travel advisors channel on YouTube. This is where travel consultants could view a wide variety of SBN recorded webinars, including product knowledge on travel services, destinations and cruises, and travel business-builder tips, along with information supporting why consumers should use a travel consultant. The channel also features SBN 101. Housed within are a video to help members navigate through the new SBN.com and short clips walking members through other SBN basics. SBN will continue to expand its video library in support of the travel community. Once the channel reaches 100 subscribers, the YouTube URL will be customized.



The SBN Facebook page is a great resource for staying connected with SBN events, association updates, travel industry news, travel business development articles, SBN videos and images, and more! Visit Facebook to see what’s happening in the organization and its chapters, to view photos, to get information on FAMs, seminars and education offerings—even to learn about membership promotions. Facebook is a real-time resource with great reach. For the member who posts “I’m a proud member of SBN!” on the SBN Facebook timeline, SBN will in turn “like” his or her Facebook business page.



SBN tweets! Do you? Twitter is a great source for that quick update on what’s going on with SBN. The Twitter feed also references ASTA events and information and is a cross-reference for Facebook postings and details. You’ll find brief updates, links to news and more via the SBN Twitter.



If you’re among the millions with a Instagram interest visit the SBN Instagramt page. This is where the organization offers a variety of post that have photos from inspiring travel that you can use for your clients, to valuable information to build your travel business. Looking for tips on exploring a new city? Seeking helpful travel
tips? You’ve come to the right place!