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NACTA is excited to announce the new NACTA is collaborating 
with Serendipity Media on this website, which will provide an attractive, informative interface for the public and for NACTA members.

Separate access to member-only information and news will be available with a NACTA member login. Kasie Smith, Agent Life publisher, and her team are working in-depth with Lisa Watson, NACTA Director
of Marketing & Special Events, and others at NACTA to conceptualize, develop, create, and maintain the new site.

Here, Kasie and Lisa offer insight on your new

What’s the strategy behind the new
The public site will educate various travel professionals about NACTA, and why travel industry professionals need
to be a NACTA member. The member site will function as an access point for NACTA members to access and use their NACTA benefits. Both site are available via the address.

How is the public site beneficial?
The public site is mobile optimized and allows for social sharing. If someone sees information they’d like others to know about, with the click of an icon that information could be on its way 
to Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest! The site is also easy to navigate and easy 
to use—no more wondering what’s available or where to find it. The public site will always show the NACTA logo and tag line, and offers value content 
for the reader. Membership information is visible, and event information has a presence. These are all things to help pique the interest of potential members and teach them about the benefits of joining NACTA.

How is the new site better for members?
The new site is visually interesting and easy to read and navigate. Inside, you’ll find valuable resources and a variety
of tools to help you and your business. You’ll also find that your NACTA benefits are easily accessible. This site was redesigned with NACTA members in mind. It’s engaging. It’s a portal for
the information you need. It provides access to information and events that will help you increase your professional and business development. It’s a professional tool that provides a professional reflection of NACTA members and their needs.

What do you hope to accomplish with the new
This may be obvious from the moment you lay eyes on the new site—we hope so—but the new will elevate the professional brand NACTA members have come to expect. We want the website to be in line with your level of professionalism, and show the world the true NACTA. We hope to increase membership. will help by showcasing valuable content and highlighting member benefits. We also want to grow the NACTA community. Providing more information in one location makes it easier for NACTA members to do their jobs, increase their learning, and have access to NACTA news, resources, and other members. We also hope to increase visits to and engagement with the NACTA website. The new is welcoming, to all.

Written by Amy Charles.